O u r    S t o r y

We have loved every minute of our journey.....

  • Deborah A Martin, Inc. was formed in October 2012 in a home office. Becoming part of all insurance networks was a great challenge. As the private practice evolved, interns were applying for help with their training to become Master’s level therapists, and into licensed therapists.  

  • In April 2014, a generous friend helped me start the first office. Thus, we bought “THE CEILI”, (pronounced Kay-Lee; meaning a Gathering Place in Gaelic). The vision was for a healing, gathering, and a psycho-spiritual center in Citrus County. In December 2015, we bought a second building, again in Crystal River and we call it CEILI II. In April 2016, we opened up a portion of the building. It is beautiful and has great energy. In September 2015, Hurricane Hermine wiped out the first building. Shocked and sad, we rallied into the new building and made it through. In March 2017, the rest of the second building was completed and now having enough office space to proceed and serve our community. In January, 2019, Ceili 1 reopened its doors.  

  • This practice has now grown to 14 therapists, 2 managers, 3 assistants, 1 IT staff and 4 support staff. We serve many children, their families, and the dependency and adoption systems. Training for Play Therapy is mandatory for all the child therapists. Many of us are trauma educated, using Accelerated Resolution Therapy for rapid and effective treatment for traumatized adults and children. We now take Choice for Veterans, helping Veterans regain themselves in just a few sessions! Amazing work.  

  • We are extremely proud of the work we have accomplished in the community we live in and serve. May all who walk through our doors be blessed abundantly~